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 Portrait Photography

      Glasgow's Best Family and Baby Photographer 
This informal and fun style of photography is also the basis of the studios portrait work. The studio specialises in childrens’ portraits and has won Best Baby Photographer of the Year more than any other studio in Scotland. Children have fun playing in the studio which allows us to capture a true likeness, producing beautifully natural and relaxed images. Of course, the kids aren’t the only ones having fun! Everyone from teenagers to grandparents enjoy the experience of having their photographs taken at John Hendry Photography.

High Key Photography

Fun, relaxed and action photographs - Our advice for this style of photography is to stick to neutral and comfortable styles of clothing. Everyone looks good in denims or neutral beiges with white shirts or t-shirts. Bright patterns and colours tend to lead the eye away from the subject and should therefore be avoided.

Lounge Style Photography

Again, with this style of photography we would recommend that more neutral colours and styles of clothing be worn, however, there is more scope to experiment with colour.

Low Key

This style of photography has a Dark if not Black Background, and can be very distinctive. Dark or Black cloths work well.

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